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Here are a few more reasons to get that Business Class seat if you can afford one – United Airlines has just announced that it will make some improvements for passengers in that section, throwing in a 15.4″ personal LCD monitor for your viewing pleasure, a USB and an iPod adapter at the side, 20 channels of XM satellite radio to choose from, and a pair of noise-canceling headphones for you remain detached from your surroundings. Each seat can also recline a full 180 degrees, and at 23.5″ wide, you’re sure to have a comfortable sleeping experience to stave off jetlag when you arrive at your destination.

Source: Sci Fi Tech

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Neagle Says: July 28, 2007 at 10:21 am

Now if Amtrak got off their bum’s and took from this concept and applied this to there cars, along with shorter routs, Amtrak may be able to take a market share away from the wastfull airline industry.

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