Car Cam becomes silent witness in an accident

Drive Eye 1
We’ve all seen the dramatic car pursuit videos taped by the policecar’s built in video camera. It’s usually very important evidence in a chase, when a police officer gets shot after pulling a bad guy over, and even when capturing a dramatic emergency landing of a plane on a highway.

But wouldn’t it be great if you had the same technology available to you in the event of the automobile accident? That kind of evidence could make the difference between winning and losing a serious injury collision case.

Clarion sees that as a potential market. And as such, they’ve created the DriveEye, a tiny digital recorder that’s mounted on the windshield. The DriveEye starts to digitally record when sudden braking is detected by it’s G-force motion sensor and records up to 15 seconds of video before, during and after an accident.

DriveEye 2

Completely solid state with no moving parts, the DriveEye will survive even the nastiest collisions thanks to it’s heavy duty magnesium alloy housing. And even though drivers can also utilize the manual recording feature (which would make for a good teaching tool in drivers ed), it’s probably not a good idea to capture your Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift race, or you’ll have a hard time fighting that speeding ticket in court.

Available only in Japan, for about $400 USD.

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