THix RE digital watches do dual-LCD


If you’re one who is constantly trotting the globe, setting your watch to different time zones can be quite a hassle. I know that PDAs and smartphones already come with dual time zones, but most of us still rely on our watches for a quick glance at the sands of time. The THiX RE digital watch comes with a dual time display across separate LCDs that tell the time and date. You can choose to display two time zones or just the time on one and the day/date on the other. Additional features include a stopwatch, multiple alarm settings, and being water-resistant up to 100 feet. The black THiX model shown above retails for £69.95.

Product Page via Technabob

3 thoughts on “THix RE digital watches do dual-LCD”

  1. I stopped wearing digital watches in high school. I simply felt that they were not distinguished to be in a “mans” wardrobe. However designs from THiX may sway my opinion and may make it into my collection.

  2. I like the design! It is simple and easy on the eye. As a reader of GQ and a contributer of the “beauty” industry I absolutly love what this is. Clean lines and it is what I am thinking…beiond- Hello Kitty!

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