Dream gadget for Peepin’ Toms


peephole-reverser.jpgThis Tactical Door Viewer was specially developed with assistance from those involved in the law enforcement industry, and is used to evaluate potential hazards that are located behind dwelling doors. Of course, while it can’t see items from extreme angles, at the very least it helps law enforces have a look at the situation inside the room without running the risk of alerting anyone inside. The Tactical Door Viewer fits most common peepholes in the U.S., especially those found in apartments, condominiums, and houses. It is extremely lightweight and simple to use. You can pick one up today for $88 – hopefully bellboys in hotels won’t have a field day with these!

Source: Spygadgets

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Meh Says: July 20, 2007 at 7:22 pm

What about nightvision cell phones seeing through clothes?

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