When it comes to furniture, Pottery Barn has back to school in mind

by James

Pottery Barn Furnishings #1

It’s no secret that College and music go together like Steak and baked potatoes. But with today’s budding coed being wired with their iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, digital camera, laptop and more, the desk can get a tad cluttered. And let’s face it, in college living space is often at a premium.

Pottery Barn is seeking to work within the confines of the average dorm room with their “Smart Technology” line of furnishings that seem tailor made for back to school. The Bedford Smart Linen Pinboard ($250) not only sticks memos, assignment sheets, and photos on it’s cork board, it also comes with a pair of ipod speakers built in and a nice handy shelf to place the dock when you plug them in.

The Bedford Smart Recharge Station ($79) allows the average student to plug in and charge all their tech at once, and store a few extra things in the handy drawer underneath it.

Pottery Barn Media Shelves

For $200, the Smart Wall-Mount Shelf will give you bookshelf space for all your textbooks, as well as room for a nice set of two stereo-quality speakers that connect to your MP3 player. A desktop variant, called the Smart Desktop Hutch is also available for under $100.

Most come available in White, Black, and Woodgrain and are available at your nearest Pottery Barn brick and mortar or from www.potterybarn.com

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cpdb Says: August 19, 2007 at 1:55 am

You should check out PBTEEN.COM (pottery barn teen) they’ve been doing smart furniture for two years now. check out their speaker shelves, hutches and beadboard side table.


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