Pocket-sized tunes with this saxophone

maui-saxophone.jpgIf you’re musically inclined and want to take some stress off a hard day at work, what better way than to belt out a few tunes with the Maui Pocket Saxophone?

“This is the pocket saxophone that is handmade from bamboo cut from groves in the rainforests of east Maui and dried for six months before construction begins. Each stalk of bamboo can vary in wall thickness, resulting in a unique instrument each time one is made. About the size of a standard recorder, the instrument is tuned to C and can play a two-octave fully-chromatic scale. The large round mouthpiece is fitted with a tenor saxophone reed, which gives the instrument its unique rich deep sound, two octaves lower than conventional flutes of the same size, nearer to a clarinet. It is small enough to fit in a backpack or purse.”

Each of these tiny musical wonders measure 13″x 1.5″ and weighs 3 oz. You’ll have to fork out $79.95 for one of these (musical lessons not included).

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