Intel jumps onto OLPC bandwagon


intel-olpc.jpgLooks like the suits at Intel has rescinded on their previous decision and decided to hop onto the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) bandwagon, putting aside petty differences that arose initially when the huge processor company decided to come up with its own cheap and affordable piece of computing for developing countries throughout the world earlier this year. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, where both the non-profit group and Intel will begin collaborating on technology and educational content in an effort to raise the computer literacy rate around the world.

According to CEO of Intel,”Joining OLPC is a further example of our commitment to education over the last 20 years and our belief in the role of technology in bringing the opportunities of the 21st century to children around the world.” This means that the immediate target of this partnership would be to reduce costs further, from an already rock bottom price of $175 to approximately $100 when volume shipping begins this September. It is interesting to note that Intel’s own budget laptop dubbed the Classmate retails more than $200 while running on windows. Some people see this as a merger, claiming that the more powerful party would be 800lb gorilla Intel.

With Intel’s seemingly bottomless pockets to fund research of the OLPC beyond the latter’s wildest imaginations, things could go awry in the end as both parties are bound to have a head to head clash over the final form of the project, with the microprocessor used being the main concern here. There is the potential for AMD to end up as the big loser in this scenario, but let’s hope that Intel’s intention of joining is noble and not just meant to reap a handsome reward at the expense of others. Others see this move as a very clever one, especially when it comes to building brand loyalty in the younger ones. What do you think of the entire situation at the moment? A pure stroke of corporate genius?

Source: Linux Insider

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Jeff Says: July 14, 2007 at 1:24 pm

Looks to be a pretty clever business move for all involved. In addition to looking good in the eyes of charitably minded westerners, being involved in such projects gives companies like Intel a very nice foot in the door into what could soon be developing computer markets. Also I think it looks great on Intel that they were the company that effectively made the 100 dollar laptop a real 100 dollar laptop.

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