HP invents color matching technology


color-match-cam1.jpgMost men face the day by slamming the alarm off, getting out of bed and hitting the showers straight away while getting rid of whatever whiskers that have grown overnight. Not too long after that, they just pick from a whole row of suits and dress up, ready to head off to work. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for women – they seem to have a whole ritual to go through before stepping foot out of the door. One of them includes putting on makeup, and boy are you in for a tough time when the lady of your life asks you whether her makeup matches or not. A makeup mismatch is more often than not a major social faux pas for any lady, but thankfully help is coming our way in the form of a text message.

Hewlett-Packard has successfully developed a new service which is capable of receiving photos from cellphone cameras, putting them through sophisticated image-processing algorithms, and coming up with scientifically based recommendations for the shade of foundation, lipstick, blush and eye shadow that best suits a person’s skin tone. Sounds like beauty has been given a modern thrust, enabling modern ladies to look their best by sending a mere MMS to the service provider.

While all of this sounds as though we’re already living in an Utopian era, it does make me wonder whether meticulous females who think that they themselves can’t find a perfect color match would be willing to fall back on a decision made by a machine that does nothing but process 1s and 0s. I say when it comes to beauty and color matching, everything is relative, and you’re sure to find a group of people on either end of the bell curve while the rest of the population agrees on a certain match.

Source: Scientific American

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