Concept video camera transfers data wirelessly


Designer Johan Frossen has come up with this concept video recording device that seems to jump out of a sci-fi movie. The user wears this over their eye, letting it record whatever they see, making this a truly cool hands-free video camera. You wear this camera around your neck, where a semi-large lens and microphone reside on one end. There is no need to stuff memory inside this thing though, since it will upload all your video in real-time wirelessly to a nearby computer, but the downside would be remaining within the vicinity of a wireless network. Wish I could beam one of these from stores.

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3 thoughts on “Concept video camera transfers data wirelessly”

  1. So you have to walk around with impaired depth perception? Cool idea, but if that’s the case then I’ll pass. And who’s going to want to haul their computer around with them where ever they go?

  2. “he user wears this over their eye . . . You wear this camera around your neck”

    Do you wear it on your neck or eye?? >.>

  3. Meh: When not in use, you just leave it on your neck as shown in the pic just like a regular pair of headphones.

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