The Lip Balm Diet


Lip Balm Diet

I’m not sure about this one at all, a lip balm, that the makers claim can help you to lose weight.

It’s like will power in a tube! This unique blend of botanical plants and extracts can help curb your cravings for food and give you the appetite control you need to lose weight. There are no pills, no drops, and no powders to dissolve – simply apply these treatments to your lips. They are instantly absorbed into your system and go right to work to curb your cravings, so you won’t be tempted by sweets, carbs, fried, or fatty food. Each compact 8-ml container comes with a built-in applicator and lasts about a month. P

It will cost you $29.95 from Hollywood Gadgets to find out if it works, if you buy some please let us know your results (so we can either a) Order some or b) Laugh at your gullibility).

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