For nostalgic techies: Steampunk Watches

by Andi
Title punkwatch

There are pretty many fans of Steampunk, including me. Some die-hard fans have created modern tech disguised under Steampunk masks.

Also, most of today’s watches are quite boring, and follow the same design line. A clean, simple bezel with a leather or metal armband, seamlessly fit most of the time. Some are nice to look at, the others are dedicated to just being practical.

A Japanese company has decided to cater to our taste and manufacture a whole range of steampunk-themed watches. They all respect the intricate, aged theme of the genre, but are powered by modern Seiko or Citizen machinery.

The company offers 30 models of clocks. Some are classically wrist-worn, some fit the back of your palm, one is for a finger (!), and some are classic pocket watches.
What they have in common is the design: everything looks old and worn, but mysteriously advanced. Intricate models and accessories are omnipresent (in fact the only ‘conservative’ model is just to the right of this text). You’ll get to see hinges, screws, springs, all of them left bare for your viewing pleasure.

I’m not sure that all of these are comfortable to wear, but then again these are just for fans and for the pleasure of the eye.

The manufacturer’s site features a nice gallery of all watches (the text is Japanese). By the look of the forms, they are all custom-made when you order them. I couldn’t find any information with regard to pricing.

Found at Akihabara News.

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Jamie Says: November 2, 2007 at 10:55 am

um.. i’ve been searching for details on the manufacture in english and out of the 12 or so sites i’ve looked at so far, the photos seem to be identical, and they don’t mention the manufacturers name. could you help me out? i’m finding this most frustrating as a friend of mine is going over to japan, and if i ever have a chance of getting hold of one, i’ll need to give her more than a nice picture, the japanese for “steampunk” and a pleading look. for all the information avaliable on the internet, it seems to be lacking a few key details on this subject.
cheers, Jamie

S. Says: December 30, 2007 at 4:59 am

Hei Jamie!
I don’t know if this will still be helpfull to u ’cause ur comment was from 2 months ago and i don’t know if u visit this site much, but i read in some blog that those watches were from a japanese called Haruo Suekichi and the only way to purchase those watches, according to him, some time ago, was if u waltzed into one of his 2 stores in Tokyo…
cheers, S.

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