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If you own a RAZR cellphone, why not get a charger that is on par with it in terms of design? The WildCharger pad will be released this July for $89.99, and offers a pseudo-wireless charging solution for your RAZR. Why do I say pseudo-wireless? It still requires you to plug in the RAZR via a small, semi-flex metallic arm before charging begins. What’s neat though, are small magnets inside the adapter that holds the RAZR firmly in place even if you hang the WildCharger on your wall.

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Andi Says: July 9, 2007 at 11:11 am

The charger is wireless.. you just need to change the razr’s battery cover with one that has the receiving coil, and that ‘arm’ links the new back cover with the phone’s power port.

right now there’s only this adapter for the razr and one for the iPod (which is an extra gizmo that you stick in the dock connector) and the set is quite expensive, but accessories for more devices should appear soon

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