Rock Festivals give student a disposable idea …

by James

MyHab disposable habitat

According to organizers of the annual Glastonbury Festivals, concert goers who spend the week rocking out tend to abandon the tents they sleep in during the rockfest. And it’s growing from 10,000 abandoned tents in 2005, to 15,000 this year. Not very environment friendly in these globally sensitive economic times.

But what seems like a budding ecologic disaster in Glastonbury, turns into an economic opportunity to Designer James Dunlop, who’s Myhab disposable habitats can solve the problem of what to do with tens of thousands of barely used, yet abused, tents left behind. “People use and abuse their tents because they are so cheap,” Dunlop said, “they are just tired and want to go home after festivals. They do not want to mess about putting their tent away.”

That’s why myHab was born, but that’s not the only use Dunlop envisions. There’s also disaster relief and with 2012 Olympics coming to London, and possibilities for incoming sports fans are endless.

Made out of waterproof, yet disposable cardboard and plastic, the MyHab has enough room for two, can easily be erected and dismantled in a few minutes, and contains ammenties like a cushioned sleep pad, a locker secured by PIN number, and even lighting. After use, myHab will be dismantled by the company and properly recycled.

And not only did venture capitalists recognize the potential and help Dunlop create Myhab Limited is based in London, but the myHab also recently won an award at the New Designers Exhibition.

No word on sale or rental rates, but Dunlop hopes to launch myHab next year.

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