Hop into the driving seat with Kangaroo.tv

by Marc

Here’s one for live motor-sport fans: Selectable camera feeds of the event you’re at plus real time statistics and team-driver communications, all on a hand-held package that you hire for the day and take around with you. How cool is that?

Kangaroo.tv have partnered with various broadcasters and racing organizations to arrange live coverage of Formula One, Nascar and Le mans events on their hand held device, ensuring that when you’re at the event you never miss a thing.

The package includes the portable TV viewer and a pair of ear-defender style headphones. The really neat thing is the control you get; you can select from 10 camera feeds, including a mix view that keeps you with the action and various in-cockpit cameras for that immersive “drivers-eye” view. You can also get statistics on teams and drivers (race position, top speeds, lap times etc), all updated in real time as the race progresses. For audio you can listen to the standard PA commentary or any of the available team-driver communications.

The package is available for rental on race days at the Kangaroo.tv stand – at the British Grand Prix this weekend it was £50 for the 3 days which seems pretty good value to me, considering what you get out of it.

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