ThinkGeek’s Bluetooth Retro Handset

by Mike

ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset
You’re bound to see somebody with a Bluetooth headset whenever you walk around in public. They’re generally the people you think are crazy because they’re talking to themselves, but, in reality, they have that stupid little headset snugly in their ear. Crazy is always more interesting so it’s usually a let down, for me at least. Sometimes, all that fancy, sleek, and stylish technology can get in the way, and for times like that, you have ThinkGeek’s Bluetooth Retro Handset.

It looks and feels exactly like the lovely germ-infested handsets you see on public telephones scattered across the world. The only difference is that it only has your germs and it’s completely wireless thanks to Bluetooth. Really, this lowly handset actually has Bluetooth built in and will work with any cell phone supporting Bluetooth v 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2.

Unfortunately, and unlike your lovely pay phones, Bluetooth requires battery power, meaning you’ll need to charge your retro handset every so often, which is done via USB. The only other hint of technology in this device is the blue LED which merely indicates function mode. Hopefully that’s simple enough for you.

At $35, ThinkGeek’s Bluetooth Retro Handset is a great gag gift for someone else or even yourself. I’m sure you’ll get a few looks if you walk around with it in the mall, and people will actually think you’re crazy.

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