Megatron is angry you haven’t seen his movie yet!!

by Fred

See My Movie!!!!So maybe you’re thinking that Transformers is a dumb toy commercial.

While it is based on the toys made in the early 80’s by Hasbro (Thank you Hasbro!) However the writing crew did a great job binding together a story that parallels the atmosphere of the original Gen I Transformers, while bringing new, and clearly up to date ideas to the big screen and introduce a whole new generation to the joys of Peter Cullen and his voice (hint, he sounds a lot like Optimus Prime).

You’re probably wondering also, did they make good looking robots?

Are there ridiculous Michael Bay explosions, battles, and chase scenes?

Did I nearly blow out my kidneys so I could stay and watch the whole movie?

Well of course, the answer is D, all of the above.

Read on for slightly juicier Transformer info (no spoilers, but good reasons to see it, you know, if you like having fun)

A few words about the new stars in it who you’ll be seeing waaayyy too much in the near future.

Megan Fox…wow, she seems nice.

Shia Labeouf,, can you say Indiana Jones 4, while keeping the old Even Stevens magic alive. This dude is hilarious and, one hell of an actor, who knew?!

Can you say really funny scenes that you don’t expect…(on purpose, not accidental…I’m looking at you Underworld!)Wheeljack

You’ll also gain an entirely new appreciation for eBay (watch…then you’ll know).

Oh yeah…and yes, it’s a deluge of GM vehicles, but you will want the new Camaro by the middle of the movie too.

One final note that’s pretty important…

THE ROBOTS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! (I cannot repeat this enough).

These effects are simply staggering not since Jurassic Park has anything put you on your ear where you forget there are effects and treat the effects as actors (Yoda and Smeagol I know).

Thank you Mr. Bay and Mr. Spielberg for not screwing up the good memories of my childhood. Oh, and I have one request – How about a little Wheeljack next time!!!

Oh yeah…and Steorn is total crap. This is in no way related to the Transformers movie, but it had to be said. (that was me being petty and pointing out physics principles tend to hold true on this planet, though Cybertron may be slightly different).

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