Sanyo’s beautiful waterproof camcorder

by Mike

Sanyo VPC-CA65
Normally a camcorder wouldn’t excite me unless it shot 1080p and had a wonderful amount of built in storage (nobody likes buying overpriced, proprietary memory cards), but Sanyo’s beautifully named VPC-CA65 doesn’t do 1080p or have 64 gigs of storage, but it is slim and waterproof, and that does it for me.

Being waterproof so much isn’t even all that exciting. It’s the fact that it looks like it’s a regular old tiny camcorder. You won’t find any fugly waterproof casings or knobs on this thing. In fact, most people will probably give you weird looks when they see you submerging your poor camcorder into the water.

On to the specs. The VPC-CA65, again, a wonderful name, can be underwater at depths of up to 1.5 meters for up to an hour. That’s not an awesome time, but it should be enough to capture some video of your kids swimming or your snorkeling trip. The actual video recorded is high quality H.264 (good for Web uploading) that becomes even better thanks to the built-in image stabilizer. You can also quickly switch over to stills mode to capture some 6 mega pixel snapshots. It won’t be as good as your DSLR, but it should be good enough for the average person, myself included.

Sanyo’s waterproof VPC-CA65 features a beautiful, waterproof design, high quality video, and decent stills, all for $500. The only downside is having to pay for the SD/SDHC cards used for storage.

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