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oxygenfresh.jpgMost high powered executives these days often wake up before the sun has risen in order to beat the crazy morning traffic jams, plant their respective butts in the office long before the official clock in time, and head home after the sun has appeared on the other end of the globe. Staying indoors in an office all day long could drive some people nuts, and it definitely isn’t healthy either since you’ll be breathing in the same old air. It is as though your lungs were getting reruns of stale air, and this will definitely have a detrimental effect on your health in the long run. Going outside or leaving your office window open is no fun either, as the smog and dust will be of no help.

The OXYGENFRESH Desktop Fan could just do the trick by reducing whatever pollutants that are around your immediate area while increasing the level of oxygen. This device comes with Sharper Image’s very own OzoneGuard front grill that removes smog while spewing out a cooling breeze (something that is very much welcome especially during the warm summer months). This is made possible by converting ground-level ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2) upon contact. The OXYGENFRESH Desktop Fan was designed to fit into any desktop or cubicle nicely without looking out of place, thanks to the design team over at Sharper Image Design.

Additional features of the OXYGENFRESH Desktop Fan include a continuous adjustable fan speed, flexible positioning, and a one-hour auto-shutoff option to help you conserve energy. It stands proud at 8.5″ tall on a base that measures 4″ in diameter. Should your office actually experience a blackout, the OXYGENFRESH Desktop Fan will still be able to function as long as you throw in a quartet of D batteries. Interested parties will be able to pick up this device for $29.95 a pop.

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