Coolest R/C Toy Ever – Picoo Z Sky Challenger with Laser Beams

Sky Challengers
Last year we reviewed the Picoo Z R/C Helicopter and it turned out to be one of the coolest presents ever, I’ve just read about a new version of Picoo Z, Sky Challenger, which lets you and a mate battle it out in the air.

Like the remote control tanks we reported on a few days ago, these new Picoo Z’s use lasers to fire upon each other.

Introducing a fully three dimensional interactive game to outsmart your opponent in the air, by using your flying skills and integral Laser Beam to temporarily disable the other Helicopter, accompanied by an audible sound effect for added excitement!…

You can buy the Sky Challenger Picoo Z from Gadget Box for £49.99 (~$100 but who cares they’re cool) or Amazon for $70 I’m now off to write an email about a review unit 🙂 .

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