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vibrating-speakers.jpgThe I-MU Vibro speaker definitely comes in a very unique form factor, and they first made their appearance at CES 2007 earlier this year. Whatever your taste in speakers are, this pair is definitely going to be a talking point in your office mainly due to an extremely interesting design. According to the product page, the I-MU Vibro is “guaranteed to cause consternation amongst office hi-fi bores, this pioneering gizmo is set to become the speaker of choice for fans of forehead-slappingly clever whatsits the world over. It’ll get walls jumping, desks pumping and windows thumping. Cumbersome cabinets? Who needs ’em!”. More after the jump.

“But how does the I-MU Vibro actually work, we hear you ask? Well, boffins over at the Firebox Sonic Research Institute spent seconds examining this super-energy crystal speaker but were too busy catching falling jaws to work it out. And that’s because this sound innovation pumps out amazingly impressive sonics that need to be heard to be disbelieved. Here comes the science bit…The main component is a tiny piece of a material called Terfenol-D, which was originally used by the US Navy for sonar work. The Terfenol is placed within an aluminum case and a coil wrapped round it. When electricity is passed through the coil the Terfenol expands slightly creating a massive force of 400 pounds – when its attached to a flat surface it transmits electronic signals into mechanical energy causing the flat surface to vibrate and broadcasts the sound.

Mains-powered, the gorgeously stylish I-MU Vibro is extremely energy efficient, and because it uses the surface it sits on to amplify your tunes, it’s space efficient too. The fact that it looks like a twitchy hi-tech vibrating joystick is an added bonus. So you can keep your woofers and tweeters, the I-MU Vibro really is the smart choice when it comes to bringing the house down.”

You can choose from black, pink, or white colors, and each I-MU Vibro speaker retails for £49.95. Of course, there will definitely be some people who want to try this out in a naughty manner, so kindly leave a comment if you have already done so. Try not to get electrocuted in the process because most fluids and electricity just don’t go down well together.

Product Page via RGS

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Zafar Says: January 11, 2008 at 7:09 am

hmm.. i wonder is the base and treble is nice

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