Give Us a Clue Gadget Style – Motormouth

Motormouth Game

Here’s a fun looking game for the holidays, Motormouth, an electronic kind of ‘Give Us a Clue’.

There are loads of describe – the-word-without- actually-saying- it-style games. But take it from us, Motormouth renders the whole lot obsolete. In fact this nifty little handheld gizmo is one of the hilariously edgier games we’ve ever played, and we’ve played plenty.

The idea is to do whatever it takes to help your team-mates guess the random word on Motormouth’s screen before the buzzer sounds. You can describe it, act it out, wave your arms – whatever. Just make sure you don’t say it. Correct answers equal points. It’s a bit like a fast-paced version of Give Us A Clue (whippersnappers get Googling) minus Lionel Blair and his D-list lackeys.

You can buy Motormouth from Firebox for £19.95 (~$39).