Damned Lamp Shade looks creepy



Check out this creepy looking lamp shade that would definitely go down well in an environment filled with dark furniture, crimson red bedsheets, and a four-poster bed in a musty room. Of course, we musn’t forget candles that let off a musky scent to complete the dark and dreary picture. There will only be 40 of these lamp shades available, and they retail for a massive $46,200 each. Check out the product description after the jump. Almost makes me want to call a priest over and exorcise this post.

“This lampshade appears as a hovering mass of ornaments, opulent and bombastic. when viewed more closely it dissolves into single bodies, which are twisted in fear and seem to be frozen in mid-fall. their rhythmic order becomes slightly perplexing and finally renders the bodies an ornament. softly, the fleshy parts of the bodies, legs and stomachs reflect the light. because of the shadows the bodies cast on themselves, only parts of them appear in the foreground. only fragments of the lit inner part of the lamp are distinguishable. the aspects of the lit core change dramatically whenever the observer changes his position. these movements of the observer transform the stiff bodies into dynamic objects. the association with the fall of the damned, a metaphor for guilt and punishment gives the lamp a certain amount of ambivalence: is it a moralistic message, an act of formalism or both? the design of this lamp undermines several taboos imposed on design in the 20th century: it is figurative, ornamental, and narrative.”

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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nick Says: June 28, 2007 at 12:23 pm

Now I have some use of those old action men in the attic.
Glue them all together and sell them for $20 000, bargain!

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