Stop Snoring with the Sona Pillow

Sona Pillow

To me this just looks like a pillow with a grove in for your arm, but the sales spiel sounds good 🙂

No prescription needed! If you suffer from snoring or mild sleep apnea, you owe it to yourself (and your partner) to switch to the patented Sona Pillow. Designed by a renowned neurologist and sleep-tested in clinical trials, the Sona Pillow lets you sleep comfortably on your side, positioning your jaw and neck to help keep your airway open. The result? A better night’s sleep—for both you and your partner. Better yet, the Sona anti-snore pillow can give you results the very first night you use it. Hypoallergenic fill. Includes specially designed pillowcase.

The Sona Pillow will set you back $59 from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Stop Snoring with the Sona Pillow”

  1. I am told Brookstone does not guarantee a refund if you’re not satisfied with this product. Maybe why there are dozens of them on eBay described as “used only once.”

  2. This is one of the worst products I’ve ever purchased and even though there are literally thousands of unsatisfied buyers of this product Brookstone will not stand behind their product. It is extremely uncomfortable and left me with headaches that lasted for days and I only used it for about 2 hours. The Brookstone employees did not care to hear about the problems with their product only the fact that you can’t bring it back. Never again will I buy from Brookstone if they do not care about quality,design or most importantly customer satisfaction.
    Eric E
    Monroe Mi

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