iPhone isn’t as smart as the hype suggests

by James

Though the iPhone is a ground breaking design, there’s more that isn’t in this new smartphone than is.


Okay, we’ve all been victims of the juggernaut that is the all mighty iPhone. But is it really as smart as the hype, and it’s stinging price suggests? Let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly of this ground breaking phone.

    The Good:

Awesome, sleek design. Finally breaking free from the round click wheel and tiny screen in favor of large Ground breaking touchscreen interface! Virtual keyboard with decently sized buttons that is easy to use. Instant switch to wireless hotspots when found while surfing. A fairly good camPhone which takes decent pictures in available light. Automatic portrait to landscape switching and back – perfect for watching movies or viewing photographs. And if you want to zoom in, you take two fingers and touch the screen, splitting them apart to enlarge the area you want. Very cool. Access to Google Maps. You Tube. Eight hour battery time. That’s pretty good considering all the media apps it has.

    The Bad:

While you can look at documents, there is no ability to CUT, COPY, or PASTE? Look for a firmware update to fix this. Reliant on slow EDGE cellphone Internet network rather than 3G/EVDO. No song ringtones and no plans to sell them. What?! No games (even the 5G iPod has a version of Break Out). No Flash or Java support on the browser. Well, that kills a great deal of websites to view. No instant messaging or photo messaging. No actual GPS, just a fake interactive one where you tell it you’re at the next turn (not too safe if you’re driving). No Video recording! (as someone mentioned – how can you have YouTube access and not give people the ability to make their own videos to upload?). 8GB size with no memory card slot – so it isn’t expandable (700MB of which is taken up by the mobile version of OS X). For $600?! That’s a mighty pricey Nano.

    The Ugly:

Battery isn’t removable, so you’ll have to send the entire phone in to Apple for replacement when it dies. Forced to go with ATT (formerly Cingular), which, despite it’s multi million dollar marketing blitz, is the king of dropped calls. You can’t just buy the iPhone and enjoy the rest of the features without signing up for it’s cell service. You have to activate the phone before the iPod features come alive. There’s No iTunes Music Store Access. Huh?

    The Price

. Along with the afore mentioned 8GB’s $600 price tag, there’s a required two year ATTingular cell contract and data plan that runs anywhere from $60-100 a month. So, when all is said and done – you can expect to fork out around $2500 from your pocket. Your purchased iTunes not included.

If you want to see the iPhone in action before spending the night in line to buy it, check out Apple’s video Tour.

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Bob Welch Says: June 27, 2007 at 12:55 pm

WHAT—no i-tunes access??? This is crazy! How much revenue will be lost on impulse music buying “on the fly”? In Starbucks for example…the hot song comes on…oh my, gotta have it…hold while I buy…… wooops, i can’t.

This simply is poor planning. Say it isn’t so.

DomPaul Says: June 27, 2007 at 9:59 pm

I’m sure the iTunes access will come with a firmware release. I’m hoping that the other “basic” stuff like video recording will too. As for the lack of 3G, obviously a marketing ploy. In a year or so the “I2” will come out and have it. The fact that Jobs won’t allow 3rd party apps seems crazy to me. Why would you want to limit a user like that. I think the compromise was to allow widgets written by others, but then only after they have been ok’d by apple… That’s one of the things I love about WM5/WM6, there’s a million programs you can add to your device…

Rob Says: November 28, 2007 at 7:49 pm

wow i don get y people bitch about things. you cant have everything perfect. It is comin be satisfied with what we have accomplished and get a life instead of bitchin about a phone that aint up to ur standards back in the day cell phones were thicker than your brain. start usin it.

mhmm Says: November 1, 2010 at 5:17 am

yeaaaaah BOUT THT , ?

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