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by James

Shower Timer

It looks like it belongs in a Motel 6, but the Shower Timer can easily fit in your shower and not only monitor how much time you spend in the show, but control it. This can be a great benefit for a dad with several kids fighting over shower time in the morning.

Able to be programmed from 1 – 12 minutes, the Shower Timer also has a visual time which counts down in minutes and then seconds to let you know how much water you have left to rinse your hair before it shuts off. Just before it does, an audible beeper even chimes to let you know the end is nigh. Then, if you decide you want more time under the water, you’ll be discouraged from doing so as the Shower Timer has a pre-determined waiting period before you can turn it on again.

The metal encased timer is equipped with a low voltage power supply that prevents shocking and is installed between the water source and the shower head. With a list price of $340, the Shower Timer should pay for itself in due time (wasted from those 30 minute showers) and money saved from water bills within a year. According to the Shower Timer website, an average shower costs about .10¢ a minute. “A family paying 90 cents for each of 5 (12 minute) showers daily will SAVE OVER $800 per annum in water and heating costs by installing a Shower Timer set to 6 minutes.”

These days, with many places around the world experiencing near drought conditions, this gadget can help you have your cake and shower with it too.

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