Sleep Assist System from Panasonic


panasonic-sleep-assist.jpgGetting to sleep can be troublesome for some people, so those of us who find no problem nodding off the moment our heads hit the pillow ought to be grateful. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons on why one stays up all night long, tossing and turning, and those include stress, thinking about work, a healthy dose of caffeine, watching TV late into the night, and even hormonal imbalance. One method to enter dreamland soonest possible would be resting in a self-regulated environment, cutting out those mentioned obstacles. Panasonic has come out with a solution in the form of the Sleep Assist System.

The Sleep Assist System is one smart and dynamic development that will adjust to your sleeping environment from pre-bed preparations in a comfortable manner up till you wake up tomorrow morning. This is made possible by easing your body into sleep while dynamically keeping it in a relaxed position for uninterrupted, quality rest. The mattress itself will be equipped with an electric air massage that relaxes your entire body. As for the sleep system itself, it systematically controls all equipment, ranging from lights, the electric mattress, AV options, air conditioning, and even the reclining bed. Whenever the Sleep Assist System detects that you’re drowsy, lights will dim to match your relaxed state, drifting you to the Sandman’s arms slowly but surely.

The Panasonic Sleep Assist System will feature distributed sensors just below the mattress that records deep-wave sleep information, letting you check on just how well you slept the night before when the sun rises. When you wake up, the surrounding environment will slowly experience a gradual increase of light just like how Mother Nature does it with her sun. The settings are highly customizable, so it ought to suit virtually any temperament, whether you’re the go-getter type or one who takes time to warm up your “engine”. No idea on when the Panasonic Sleep Assist System will be available for commercial purchase, but it ought to help get people to bed and work earlier.

Source: Japancorp

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