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bikini-ipod.jpgYou know how females and males are totally different? I believe it was a male who coined the adage “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and here is an opportunity to prove that saying worthy. The iPod has made its way into the collective consciousness of the developed world being the definitive portable media player, and even its controls have been tacked onto article clothing. With summer already here, what better way than to enjoy your favorite chill out tunes by the beach, sipping on a pina colada while having the hunks drool at your tanned body in a skimpy bikini? That’s all the product description you’ll ever need for the bikini, head on after the jump for the female version.

For males who want to get some iPod action discreetly despite being all dressed up in a suit, there is always the classic black pinstripe from Marks & Spencer which boasts a ‘smart fabric’ control pad that has been carefully sewn onto the left lapel, letting the owner adjust the volume level according to his desire. The control pad is hooked to a cable that discreetly runs underneath the lining and plugs into the iPod itself which is tucked away safely into its own pocket. Heck, the lapels also come with loops that keep those pesky headphone wires in place to keep you tangle-free. The entire iPod suit will retail for £149 and can only be dry-cleaned for obvious purposes.

I suppose all male apparel that feature iPod support runs along the same lines. While the idea of an iPod bikini is very tempting (as evident by the picture on the right), when you think of the male equivalent, it is more of a turn off than anything else. After all, seeing one bulge is more than enough – two is just overkill.

Source: Spluch

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