The USB hub that could


usb-hub-function.jpgLooks like a 4-port USB hub went to the local tavern one day, got drunk, and hopped into bed with a letter opener and a clock. Nine months later after that menage-a-trois, what you end up with is this multi-functional USB hub, featuring the functions of all the above mentioned ‘parents’. Looks like every secretary ought to have one of these plugged into their computer or notebook at all times, where the convenience of tearing pesky snail mail open in a neat manner is always close at hand. Strange to see that this isn’t USB powered, but runs on 3 AA batteries instead. Do you think this is a functional and practical device to have around the computer, or just another excuse to milk money from consumers?

Source: Mac World

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Neagle Says: June 22, 2007 at 3:24 pm

First, great analogy! Interesting concept but, this devise has a fatal flaw in that a letter opener produces micro dust and is hell on electronics. Another matter to ponder is that how many clocks does one possible need sitting by a computer?

Agarthan Says: October 27, 2007 at 6:28 am

It should run on the USB power for one thing (batteries are a pain), and also, it’d be good to have a toggle to switch between showing the time, and maybe some stats from the USB lines connected (like throughput), or even to interface with an app on your PC to show the subject lines for newly arrived items of e-mail….

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