Jacket harnesses sun’s power to charge gadgets

zegnasport-solar-jacket.jpgWe know that solar power is often used by geeks, but how many of them have actually experienced the touch of a world class designer? Zegna has taken this task to create the Zegna Sport Solar Jacket by collaborating with Interactive Wear from Germany. This unique jacket features power cells that have been fitted into the neoprene collar, where electricity stored is transferred to your preferred device (MP3 player, cellphone) via conducting textile cables. It takes approximately 8 hours of sunlight to charge up the entire li-ion battery. Word has it that the Zegna Sport Solar Jacket will be part of its 2008 summer collection – you can be sure it will cause a big hole in your pocket to pick one up.

Source: Unwired

2 thoughts on “Jacket harnesses sun’s power to charge gadgets”

  1. erm let me see Its a nice sunny day, I know I can charge my li-ion battery up so it can run the air conditioning system for my jacket, because in that hot sun i will be roasting

    this is the work of genius

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