Intel comes up with anti-cheating technology


intel-anti-cheat.jpgGames are supposed to be fun, even more so computer games. Unfortunately, it loses its fun factor when cheats fall into the equation. The computer folk at Intel share your pain of meeting a person in an online server who seems to have unnatural reflexes and superhuman aim, and yet do not carry the handle Fatal1ty. How does Intel confirm your suspicions that this isn’t a really skilled player but someone who has been hiding behind the facade of aimbots? Let us read to find out more on how Intel develops technology that detects cheating in online games.

Intel’s software has already undergone demonstrations, monitoring data sent from the player’s computer to the server, which will then analyze that data in order to detect certain anomalies which would place those players under the category of cheaters. The software will subsequently notify the server or admin so that corrective action can be taken with that offensive player being kicked off the server. The exact mechanics of such a software remains unknown, and that leaves us with the question of whether Intel’s software will be in the form of firmware or software that has to be installed.

I don’t know – will such software prevent people from risking their reputation in order to climb higher up the player rankings by a few rungs? Is there really so much prestige associated with being in the top echelon of the gaming world? Will this software be able to judge clearly and fairly, or will there be bugs within the system that identifies a legitimate player as one who has cheated? Not only that, one has to address the issue of increased lag since more information needs to be transmitted to and fro, and this could lead to a detrimental change within the game itself. Most gamers already are self-policing, so in a way there is no need for such software. What do you think?

Source: Ars Technica

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