My experience with YouTube on my Apple TV

by Mike

Applt TV & YouTube
We’ve already told you that YouTube is now on the Apple TV, but I’d like to tell you my humble opinion on the subject. Overall, I thought it was a nice update, but I just don’t see myself going to my TV to watch a YouTube video very often.

Still, the fact that I can go to my TV to watch a YouTube video is nice. Maybe there’s a YouTube-only show/commercial/event that a friend recommended that is fairly long; I wouldn’t mind going to my Apple TV to watch that.

Does it look god awful? To be honest, no, it looks OK. I’d put it at worse than iTunes videos but not unbearable. And I was watching on a 60″ TV. Besides, you’re not watching a dog skateboarding for the production quality, you’re watching it to see a dog on a skateboard for 30 seconds.

How does it work? The YouTube menu is added to the main screen, and from there you can painstakingly search using your Apple remote, view featured videos, top videos from today, the current week, or of all time, and your viewing history. A nice touch is the ability to log in to your YouTube account and, from there, rate, flag, and favorite videos.

Again, this isn’t a drop dead awesome update to the Apple TV, but it’s another feature which makes that $300 price tag more and more reasonable. Once we can buy iTunes content from the couch, well, then it will be a bargain for the die-hard iTunes user.

Any other Apple TV owners out there? How do you like the update?

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Marcio Machado Says: July 27, 2007 at 3:56 pm

Hello, nice info.

Have a question about youtube on appletv.

can you access an youtube playlist from appletv?



Mike DK Says: February 4, 2010 at 3:20 pm

No unfortunately not i have no idea why though.

I would make a great addition, even if you could only watch you own and friends playlist.

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