The Nerf Maverick – ideal for the occasional office rampage

the Nerf Maverick
ThinkGeek have stocked up on weapons again. This time they’ve got something that appeals to western fans (it’s a revolver) and sharpshooters alike.

Continue reading to see what this baby packs and for a very nice and inspiring video clip. Your daily office torment is about to end. By your own power, as well!

So, your ever-watchful eye has just revealed some lawbreakin’ in the neighbouring cubicles? Now they’ll feel your wrath!..
The Maverick sports a quick-reload revolving barrel that can hold 6 suction cup tipped nerf darts. According to TG, it’s also very accurate and thus deadly if you’ve got some sharpshooting talent.

It can fire all six darts in the matter of seconds, and (as demonstrated in the video) can be dual-wielded for even more punch.

Here’s a cool clip that transposes you in the body of a (not so skilled) shooter, in the middle of an office rampage.

All this firepower is available for 13 bucks apiece at ThinkGeek

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