Get some Concorde parts for yourself

by Fred

ConcordeYep, the Concorde,, beautiful high speed ship of the skies.

They’re to be parted out and sold, lock stock and sensor.

Now you can be a part of the greatness that is the Concorde.

It looks like the lots are primarily mechanical spare types, and other functional pieces. I personally would prefer either to buy the bathroom or a block of seats. How much fun would it be if your guest bathroom was from the Concorde?! Then you pipe in music that sounds like you’re in a plane when the Lav light is on. Ok,, maybe that’s all just me.

check out the list of available lots here (by the way,, its a big .pdf you’ve been warned).

The bidding starts September 28th and goes till the first of October. It’ll be in France at the Hotel des Ventes Saint-Aubin in Toulouse, France, so you know,, if you’re in the neighborhood.

Thanks Popular Science for the heads up!

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Neagle Says: June 20, 2007 at 6:22 pm

You were not kidding about the PDF! It is kind of sad such a great plane is hitting the scrap yard. Not to long ago I saw a great shot on TV of one of the planes sitting on a ship docked in NYC getting ready to be made into a “plane on a stick.” I’m going to have to go to NY when the WTC gets finished. Damn terrorist can’t keep NYC down for long!

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