Novint Falcon begins shipping

novintfalcon-ships.jpgThe Novint Falcon’s release has long been overdue, but thankfully shipping begun yesterday. This is a 3D controller that targets computer gamers, although I doubt it will be an effective tool when it comes to serious, professional gaming. What the manufacturers claim the Novint Falcon offers is totally different from any motion sensing gimmick you can think of, since it provides the tactile element including textures, weight, and even individual shapes of an object within the game.

The Novint Falcon retails for $189 and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems. So far, game support is extremely limited, but each purchase will come with a special port of Half Life 2 that includes the necessary drivers that take advantage of the Falcon’s 3D motion abilities. I wonder whether compatibility with adult Japanese games will be offered in the future…

Source: Electronista