Mobile Luggage Desk keeps working travelers on a roll

Rolling Luggage Cart and Desk

Let’s face it, laptops aren’t really laptops. They’re portable computers. And when travelers are forced to work while waiting for their flights, doing so while keeping track of luggage, cellphones, and other travel necessities can’t make for quite the juggling act.

Well, our friends at Hammacher Schlemmer have the answer in a rolling luggage cart – which creates a more stable work platform than your lap. Forget about having to juggle your laptop, cellphone, and even iPod when you shift your weight in those uncomfortable air terminal seats. The Rolling Luggage Cart and Desk provides a sturdy place to work or even enjoy a movie, rather than having to balance everything on your knees.

Made of lightweight, molded ABS plastic and an anodized aluminum frame, the RLCD unfolds at the touch of a button into a platform 26″ from the floor. The desk can can hold up to 20 lbs., and can accommodate up to a 17″ wide laptop.

Attached luggage can be as large as 36″ and still navigate airplane aisles thanks to the 17¾” width of the cart. Then, when fully compacted, it can be stowed in an overhead compartment.

Total weight is a tad over 11 pounds and costs about $160.

1 thought on “Mobile Luggage Desk keeps working travelers on a roll”

  1. Sounds like a great idea, although it took me a little while to figure out (i’m assuming) that the little bar bit with the red tip on the bottom is for stability. It looks like jack handle for changing the tires or something.

    I’m surprised if they don’t make a version that is integrated into the luggage, though, as removing this from my luggage to store it in the overhead compartment while in the middle of an aisle on a plane doesn’t sound too pleasant, even if it’s just a buckle or latch.

    Also, if you have to store it separately, you just lost another piece of carry-on luggage. For women that normally carry a laptop bag and purse onto the plane, this just wouldn’t be a good trade off.

    Sorry to sound negative in my comments, I just can’t help playing devil’s advocate whenever I see a new product. Hopefully you other readers apppreciate my point of view, and ignore my posts if you don’t.

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