Garmin unleashes two new GPS navigation systems


garmin.jpgGarmin has dropped news that it will be unveiling the new nuvi 200W and nuvi 250W widescreen GPS navigation systems that come in a sleek package while being easy on your pockets. Research has shown that customers prefer a much larger display on their personal navigation devices, and this is where both the nuvi 200W and nuvi 250W step in to fill that niche. For more information on the specifications of both devices, head on after the jump.

The nuvi 200W comes with a 4.3″ color touchscreen display that is readable under bright sunlight – an essential feature if you’re going to be using this on the road. At a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, you can be sure that all your text are displayed in a legible manner no matter what your age is. The highly sensitive GPS antenna is an internal one, making it all the more easy to mount within a car. Once the 200W is booted up, users will be greeted with Garmin’s intuitive “Where to?” and “View map” welcome screens, letting you perform a quick search of addresses or up to 6,000,000 Points of Interests (POIs) such as restaurants, hotels, attractions, and gas stations among others. Not only that, you also get turn-by-turn and voice-prompted directions to guide the driver to their destination. Should you actually miss a turn to your destination, the nuvi will recalculate a new route automatically to get you back on track.

Other interesting features of the nuvi 200W and nuvi 250W include an integrated picture viewer, a calculator, a currency converter, an unit converter, and a world clock. Owners of either device can also pick up the Travel Guide and SaversGuide databases to enhance their road trip experience. If you’re paranoid about your new purchase being nicked away when you’re not around, there is always the Garmin Lock theft prevention system that prevents the GPS device from functioning until the correct 4-digit PIN is entered. The Garmin nuvi 200W and nuvi 250W will retail for $499.99 and $549.99 respectively from next month onwards.

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