Bloatware comparison: which computer is the fullest?

by Andi

PC, bloated!
Bloatware is a special category of software: big, slow, resource-consuming and generally useless or just plain annoying. All the trial programs or games, all the ad-ware and other ‘gimmicks’ that a manufacturer stuffs a computer with.

PC Pitstop have made a nice comparison between 8 brand new laptops. Click on for the video.

The reason for this nasty attitude is – of course – purely financial. The companies that deliver these pieces of software pay the manufacturers to preinstall them. This way, computer manufacturers manage to sell cheaper PC’s while still earning truckloads of money off our backs.

The absolute ‘champion’ is Sony, a true king of crapware.The Macbook comes with only one such program, but it’s also the most expensive of the pack, and by far.

Found at TechEblog

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Mike Says: June 17, 2007 at 4:34 pm

It’s unfortunate, but when you get a new PC these days, you’re probably better off reformatting the drive and reinstalling Windows rather than trying to get rid of all that crap.

I haven’t had any such experience with my Mac, in fact, all the applications it comes with are pretty useful.

B Says: June 17, 2007 at 7:58 pm

Isn’t wild tangent an off shoot of Microsoft?
Why isn’t this acknowledged? Why are you
surprised that Microsoft contributes to bloatware?
I could pick apart so much more, but instead…I’ll
say this is the worst comparison I’ve ever seen.
Ignore this video, as it’s only really advertising
for PC pitstop…

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