Blancier unveils accurate world timer watch


worldtimer.jpgTime zones can be quite a hassle to interpret especially when you’re not a seasoned traveler. In actual fact, there are up to 39 different time zones across the globe and not 24 that many think. Watchmakers Blancier decided to make the task of telling time easier even when you’re in a different time zone by unveiling the Blancier Mechanical Watch. This timepiece will be the first truly accurate mechanical world timer in the world, making it a boon to globetrotters minus the hassle of setting your watch each time you step off a plane.

Blancier watchmaker Franz Wolff mentions that this creation is a very interesting one on its own, as time zones don’t actually follow their geographic conditions since it is often used as a weapon when struggling against their former colonial masters. A good example would be India, where the difference from Greenwich Meridian Time is +5.5 hours. Standard world time watches with dials do not actually show these ‘out-of-step’ time shifts, as other watchmakers that the shortcut when producing their clock mechanisms, being unable to display half hours since it is a whole lot harder compared to displaying full hours.

The Blancier Mechanical Watch is touted to be accurate, complete, and exact – after all, that is the very least which is expected from a watch. The main key to Wolff’s polar world map lies in its ability to rotate 360 degrees around the hand axis every 24 hours, and it is based on a Lambert projection. Here’s some trivia – the Lambert projection is an 18th century map of the world, but Wolff actually invested a good portion of his time in developing formulas that makes readability a cinch on such a small format. After all, countries located in the Northern Hemisphere are extremely tiny, making it very hard to read. Guess you won’t be looking for the time anymore with this, no matter which part of the world you’re at.

Source: Gizmag

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