The Easy Glider takes Segway for a ride …

… and for a cheaper price!

Easy Glider

Admit it. You thought that the Segway was way cool, but the sticker shock simply made it not worth it. Now, the Easy Glider may take the Segway on a run for it’s money. It may sound like something “as seen on TV that promises amazing fitness results,” but this new transportation gizmo has a serious pedigree.

Winner of this year’s prestigious ISPO Brand New Award, the main wheel of the Easy Glider is powered by a 360-watt electric motor and will garner a top speed of 13 mph within a 10 to 15 mile range. It also comes with headlights and an optional MP3 player.

But that’s not all. Users can detach the pedestal trailer and use it with any other wheeled tranportation, like roller skates or skateboards.

I agree with others that it does remind one of a robot drawn rickshaw used in the latest Star War Trilogy – when Anakin takes Padme through the streets of Mos Eisley looking for his mother. But who cares, when you look at the the price? It is nearly one fourth that of the Segway, coming in at around $1300. This puts it much easier in the pocketbooks of average folk and not just the early adopter crowd who don’t mind paying a premium for the latest and greatest.

9 thoughts on “The Easy Glider takes Segway for a ride …”

  1. woah im gona get one when i get a job lol. becuase it reminds me of star wars. and its plain cool.

  2. “4 times less”? In what way can that ever make sense?
    1/4? Fine
    25%? Terrific
    “One fourth”? Excellect
    “4 times less”? Return your high school diploma. You retroactively failed math.

  3. Wow. I keep seeing coverage of this this and can’t believe how few people have any engineering background. While it’s an “interesting” design study, the designers (and reviewers) have overlooked quite a bit when it comes to things like traction, weight shifts and wheel diameters.

    I’ve only seen footage of this thing on flat, smooth and level pavement.

    I seriously doubt it could perform very well going up anything but the slightest incline. In fact I doubt it could pull a 200 pound person up a normal “inch per foot” ADA ramp.

    Going down a ramp might even be more hilarious.

  4. Hi! I’m one of the founder of Easy-Glider and I can assure you, the Glider is not only an “interesting” design study but was engineered and developed by a team of ETH engineers (Swiss Engineering High-school) which hold a number of engineering doctor titles ..

    our Easy-Glider also “survived” the Tech-Check carried out on television by Galileo on PRO7 (you can view the movie clip on our homepage, under “News” dated from 23.8.2006 – unfortunately only in German since it is broadcasted in German TV). Anyhow, it passed all tests with a “very good”.

    And last but not least the ISPO award-winner X6 (nominated by an international jury of 18 professional specialists from the sports industry and media) is not sold for $1300 but for only $690.-!! So it is just one eighth of the Segways price.. 🙂

  5. So if this thing is so cool and able to put segways to shame then bring it!
    I mean bring it out here to Oakland and lets put it to the test , I’m down for fair comparisons.
    Lets try it on the cross terrains,city streets ,
    side walks , mountain bike trails , beaches , and then in a segway polo match. That is if your machine is really up for it , after all we would allways welcome a new twist to segway polo, so bring it!! If you have the balls please contact me and we’ll do this thing.

  6. Hi there,
    I found the following post from Peter .. a Easy-Glider founder… “FORUM”
    I want to buy an Easy-Glider in Portugal and they told me it cost 1100 euros. Is it possible to order from you from $690 ? Thank you”

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