WOW putter has less “Wow” than Vista


wow-putter.jpgIf dad is a serious golfer (or at the very least, serious about improving his game), perhaps you could help him on the green by getting him this WOW putter for Father’s Day. Why this putter, you ask? Why not pick up any other putters in the market endorsed by tournament champions? Other than the price factor, all those other putters won’t hold a candle when it comes to the WOW putter’s versatility.

It comes with a measuring tape, a compass, a horn, a level, and a rabbit’s foot, making this more of a gag gift that anything else. Imagine psyching your golf partner out by using the measuring tape before each putt, lining it up with the level, reading the compass to ensure the ball heads toward the right direction, while the horn warns all and sundry that you’re about to putt. At $59.95 a putt, er pop, this could double up as an April Fool’s Day present as well.

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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