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Freeloader Solar Charger

This is a cool little product for charging your gadgets, the Freeloader, a solar powered charging station.

What makes the Freeloader different to other solar powered charging devices is that you can charge the Freeloader up in the daytime and then at night connect it to your gadgets and let them recharge off the Freeloader’s battery and if you happen to need to charge the Freeloader at night you can always charge it via the USB port and then use it to charge your other devices – if that makes sense.

You can also use the device as an emergency battery for running your various gadgets without charging them. It comes complete with adapters for:

  • LG Chocolate series phones
  • Motorola V66 series and current V3 series phones
  • All Nokia current and N series phones
  • Samsung A288 and current D800 series phones
  • Sony Ericsson T28 and current K750 series phones
  • 4mm straight jack for Sony PSP, Tom Tom sat nav, digital camera’s, PDA’s and two-way radio’s
  • Mini USB for Blackberry Smart phones, Nintendo DS, Bluetooth headsets etc
  • USB 2.0 female socket for iPod, iPod Shuffle, MP3 players, smart phones, PDAs, GPS plus much more

The Freeloader is available from Wavemaker for £29.99 (~$59), just think of how much it will save you in juice.

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