Netgear announces availability of Powerline Network Extender



Netgear has just dropped an announcement concerning the availability of its Powerline Network Extender device that hope to reduce clutter in SoHo and corporate environments. This device is compatible with other Netgear HomePlug 1.0 Powerline devices as the Powerline Network Extender gives you the flexibility of seamlessly extending your secure network connections from a wired or wireless router to virtually any electrical outlet within the office. Each Powerline Network Extender comes in a unique 2-in-1 design that will take over the place and function of the router’s existing power adapter, making it supply both power to the router or gateway as well as an 85Mbps network extension via Powerline. This setup goes a long way in reducing AC electrical outlet clutter without seeing some serious Ethernet performance degradation.

The compatibility list of this device includes Netgear’s existing family of HomePlug 1.0 Powerline devices encompassing the Wall-Plugged Ethernet Bridge (XE102), 85Mbps Wall-Plugged Ethernet Adapter (XE103), and 85Mbps Powerline 4-Port Ethernet Adapter (XE104). Not only that, it incorporates a 12V/1A power supply that is compatible with most Netgear routers or gateways including RangeMax NEXT Wireless-N Routers (WNR834B/M), RangeMax Wireless Router (WPN824), Wireless-G Router (WGR614), and ADSL gateways (DG834N/PN/G/GT).

You can pick up the Powerline Network Extender for $79.99 a pop now, and each purchase will come with a one year warranty. For those who has patience as a virtue, they can always wait for a kit version of the Powerline Network Extender that comes bundled with Netgear’s very own 85Mbps Wall-Plugged Ethernet Adapter when summer rolls around. Just out of curiosity – how many of our readers actually use Powerline networks in their home? One thing’s for sure though – it definitely is convenient since you don’t need to pull additional cables or add a WiFi adapter to your computer in other rooms throughout the home, but it could get rather costly in the long run. Share your Powerline stories with us and how it changed your computing experience in the comments section.

Source: BIOS

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