Mini God bellows out commands from belly



Remember those tiki gods that tribesmen worship? Geeks now have the same totem pole deities they can pledge their allegiance to with the Mini God line of speakers. Standing at 16″ each, every individual Mini God speaker comes with a functional speaker tucked away in its belly, while everything else remains there purely for aesthetic purposes. You require a 9V battery to play back your favorite tunes via the belly of these gods, so I’d suggest getting a rechargeable 9V battery if you’re looking to use these frequently.

Availability will be extremely limited, with only 800 of these available. You can pick them up from the San Diego Comic-Con. They come in a variety of colors, although the basic design remains the same. Looks pretty fierce to me, but I’m sure they will at least keep your pesky 8-year old brother away from your beloved computer while you’re not at home.

Source: Gizmodo

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