iPod Suit bringing HiTech mobility to office fashion

by James

iPod Suit

Slowly, but surely, high tech mobility has been making it’s way into our every day lives; from computers in cars to an ipod in every pocket. Now, it’s slowly emerging into fashion.

Now, English retailer Marks & Spencer has introduced the iPod suit (thank god, they didn’t call it the iSuit). Created by British technology company Eleksen, the same company who developed the a fabric based full-size keyboard, the iPod Suit comes complete with a ‘smart-fabric’ control pad for the MP3 player sewn into the left lapel.

Made of a dry clean only blend of wool and Lycra the iPod Suit £90 ($177.17 US) for the jacket and £59 ($116.15 US) for the trousers. The lapels of the suit holds the earbuds and the wearer inserts his iPod into the inner pocket, while plugging it into a cable that is sown into the lining. All standard controls are available from skip to fast forward and other navigation of the iPod.

And the iPod Suit is only the beginning. With screen technology being developed with paper thin lcd material that’s also thin and flexible, fabric based television screens are in the development stages as well. And with print on circuitry being perfected, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

Eleksen has also developed the “Hug shirt,” a shirt with embedded sensors that transmits touch, strength, even skin warmth of someone wearing the Hug Shirt to someone else wearing the same shirt anywhere in the world.

I guess long distance is the next best thing to being there.

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