Female Type robot up for auction



Most robots that we have seen so far look as though they’re of the male variety, and even in Japanese anime we get mostly testosterone-laden robots. Take a look at Transformers for example – how many of those ‘bots are the bionic equivalent of an Amazon warrior? Tomotaka Takahashi must have thought long and hard about this, and he turned his thinking into a practical answer by working on the Female Type (FT) girl robot. Now I know the idea of assigning genders to robots border on the ridiculous, but it does make them more personal during interaction.

In order to get the feminine strut right, Takahashi himself consulted with professional models for input on how to give his beloved FT bot a more female-oriented flair. The end result consists of 23 motors and a couple of gyroscopes that needs to be maintained biannually by a robotic gynecologist (what a job!). To date, only a couple of FTs are in existence, where one is up for auction with the starting bid of $300,000.

Source: Gearfuse

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