Mickey’s ears control tunes


iriver-mplayer.jpgDisney’s most famous character, Mickey Mouse, will make yet another appearance in the world of MP3 players, and this time it comes in the form of the iRiver Mplayer. This MP3 player actually has the form factor of Mickey’s head in 3D, and looks as though a trio of balloons have been tacked on top of each other. The unmistakable Disney logo is located behind, while the volume control is located on one ear with track changing buttons situated on the other ear.

If you have always wanted to pinch Mickey’s ears, getting this iRiver Mplayer would give you that opportunity. There is no word on its pricing, although we do know that it will see action in Asia later this month. I must say the design is rather unwieldy, and you would have a pretty hard time trying to stuff this down your pockets.

Source: DAPreview

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