Golf equipment separates great from good

golf-polymax-extremes.jpgWhenever you see records fall in sporting events, it leads you to think – is it because athletes are just getting better and better all the time, or are there other forces at work? Take golf for example – woods were made from real wood once upon a time, and at that period there was no such thing as carbon fiber, titanium drivers, or hybrid irons. The same top ranking golfer, if transported through time from that era to the future – could he actually maintain his dominance in today’s modern game using the same tools as Tiger Woods? Whatever the case is, technology has definitely made older games faster and more challenging than ever before. Golf alone is already a precise sport, and everyone would do whatever it takes to gain an edge over the rest of the competition, sparing no expense when it comes to having the latest and greatest equipment possible. Layerco is a company who has come out with the Poly Max Extremes range that claim to transform “ordinarily conforming clubs into super hitting non-conforming clubs” simply by restricting the golf club’s energy.

Several non-conforming clubs rely on enhancing the rebound properties of the club, but this product absorbs a segment of the shock the ball experiences when struck, which subsequently reduces ball compression resulting in delivering more energy to drive the ball forward. These “peel and stick” pads retail for $14.95 for a pack of 18, lasting an entire round of golf. This clear finish is pretty discreet in nature and is extremely hard to detect. I just wonder whether your mates would consider this as a form of cheating. After all, I know practically zilch about golf, which leads me to ask whether this is tournament legal or not.

Instead of relying on technological crutches, why not practice those swings instead and gain the satisfaction of knowing your best performance comes from within and not from expensive equipment?

Source: Gizmag

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  1. I was skeptical of the Poly Max Extremes at first because I, like most people, thought a softer material on the club face would result in less distance, not more. But that fact is that the club face is smashing into the ball with all the force it normally would except that Poly Max reduces vibration (wasted energy) and more of the “force” of the blow is directed into the golf ball. I am 45 years old and a 14 handicapper. I am 15-20 yards longer off the tee and my tee shots are straighter with more roll. If your a scratch golfer and hit the driver on the screws every time you will not benefit much if at all from this product. However, on anything less than perfect contact, this product should help you. I’ve tried waxing and it doesn’t help me much, if at all. A very thin layer of Vaseline on the driver face is well, AWESOME! As long as your club face is nearly square at impact, the ball will go straight and roll forever because it has no back spin. Like I said, I am 45 years old and I hit a 340 yard drive in the fairway last year with a thin layer on the club face. However, it is fairly visible. The Poly Max Extreme for me is better than waxing and not as good (or as visible) as Vaseline. You can buy them cheap now and they really do help me. Depending on what course I play, I can sometimes squeeze two rounds out of one Poly Max Extreme.

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