Dual-Access Computer Case makes traveling a no-brainer


dualaccessbag.jpgSome of us include the notebook into our luggage when we go traveling (highly not recommended), and halfway through the journey we realize that there is some report stashed away in the hard drive that needs our immediate attention. Unfortunately, when you’re on a plane, it can be downright impossible to open your bag or suitcase in the aisle just to remove your notebook. Thankfully, there is an easier way to do this with the Dual-Access Computer Case.

This unique travel case comes with a special compartment that allows quick access to your notebook. This means your clothes and other items are stowed away in a different compartment, making it a snap to slide out your notebook when you need it most. In addition, you get external zipper slots that are spacious enough to store files and miscellaneous gear. The Dual-Access Computer Case retails for $139.

Product Page via Crunchgear

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