Step on inflatable sleep pad for camping (head stompin’ fun!)

by Fred

Mammut sleeping padJust step on this sleeping pad (at the foot area) and pump it up.

I love easily inflatable devices that include their own pump. They have all their own tools built into them.

This one is from Mammut, you’ll know them by the high prices of their outdoor products. Then again, you’d also know their gear rocks, and well, will keep you very warm, safe, and dry (I trust them for my wife’s climbing harness).

Rocky over at (our favorite blogger over there) spied this little bit.

I’m sure if you’ve been out camping too many times and are tired of hyperventilating at high altitude will jump at this thing.

Then again, you may want to wait for their second version of it,, this one seems a tad heavy, and a tad ‘spensive.

Sweet piece of kit though.

Thanks Rocky! the Goat

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