I-O Data offers TV/monitor solution in MF241X



I-O Data has recently unveiled a spanking new designer LCD display that comes with the ability to handle HD video from both computers and TVs. This 24″ LCD monitor is known as the MF241X and can handle more than full HD resolution (which stands at 1080p), boasting a vast array of inputs that is capable of accommodating virtually most video sources. What you get includes a couple of HDMI inputs and a DVI input with HDCP encryption.

The I-O Data MF241X comes in white or black bezel finish that is easy on the eye. Each purchase will come with a wireless remote control for easy selection when it comes to the different inputs. This is a great TV/monitor solution for those living in cramped spaces. Word on pricing and availability have yet to be announced, although it will most probably surface in Japan first.

Source: Electronista

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EEJ Says: June 7, 2007 at 8:12 am

It sounds weird in your first sentence when you say “handle HD video from both computers and HDTVs”. If you had an HDTV, why would you need a 24″ monitor to display the image?

Also, although it accepts 1080p signals, does it have a built in tuner?

Edwin Says: June 7, 2007 at 8:58 am

EEJ, thanks for pointing that out. I meant TVs and not HDTVs – a lil mix up. Amendments made as necessary 🙂

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